The Artist’s Way At Work Television Series
13 Half-Hour Episodes

A television series that explores real life stories of innovation and creativity. The programs will pursue avenues of personal growth and provide viewers with the essential tools to experience innovation, fulfillment and creativity in their careers, as well as in personal endeavors.

Prominent actors, writers, artists, musicians, business leaders and most importantly, everyday people struggling with their own creativity will be featured. Stories will depict issues of how people must realize their dreams and the issues of creativity throughout a typical day.

Produced all on-location as a documentary/magazine format program. The series is hosted by Mark Bryan, author, consultant and former Oprah Winfrey Show “Change Your Life” resident expert. The series will delve into issues that shape and impact our lives including:

  • discovering creative interests, talents and skills;
  • applying creative interests at work and in life;
  • aligning personal and business goals;
  • overcoming feelings of depression at work;
  • dealing with that seemingly impossible workload;
  • leading innovative initiatives in competitive environments;
  • attracting and retaining talented personnel;
  • motivating ourselves to superb achievement.

Mark will guide viewers through living examples of creativity, exposing audiences to the facts that everyone is creative, creativity is teachable, people become more authentic by using their creativity, and business rewards creative people. The programs will be produced by N.A.K. Production Associates, an Emmy award winning television production company. (More information at The series is slated to air in the fall of 2003 on the UPCtv television network throughout Europe, The UK, Turkey and Israel.

Television Series Description

Each week, Mark Bryan takes viewers an exploration of creativity, innovation
and self. The series will follow stories of how guests have discovered their creativity and now use it to enhance their life both personally and professionally.

Stories will feature well known artists, as well as the everyday lives of people striving to meet their goals and dreams.

Mark’s conversations with well known creative personalities and experts on creativity will enhance the stories and present viewers with deeper insights.

Each program will end with advice and insights on how to use the information
presented in the episode to transform their own lives.


Millions of viewers around the world have read the books and participated in Artist’s Way At Work workshops. Men and Women ages 25 to 65 of diverse backgrounds have been engaged in this work.